These are the 4th, 5th and 6th impossible cube. These 3 cubes are very challenging puzzles!


Impossible cube 4

The two rainbows puzzle is the 4th cube in the impossible cubes series. This cube has a special feature. It has two solutions

When I design a cube puzzle I let a lot of friends try them out. Most of them manage to disassemble the cube, but almost no one can reassemble it. To solve the problem I gave this cube two solutions. One is very difficult and the other one is relatively easy. This way the cube can be reassembled by someone with not too much puzzle experience. If you are up to the challenge however you can try to solve the difficult configuration.

The cube has markings on the side to show if the cube is assembled in the hard or easy way.

The easy configuration takes 14 steps to disassemble (
The hard configuration takes 26 steps to disassemble (

Impossible cube 5

The Ocean cube puzzle is the 5th cube in the impossible cube series. This cube is easier than the 4th and the 6th Impossible cube. Don’t underestimate it though… It’s still challenging!

You can solve this cube in two ways. You can use a rotation move to assemble the cube or you can use only linear moves to solve it. I designed this cube some time ago and I found it surprisingly difficult to find the solution without rotating any parts!

Because of the ocean theme I decided to only use recycled plastic to print this cube

This cube takes 28 steps to disassemble (

Impossible cube 6

The Galaxy cube is the 6th cube in the impossible cube series. This cube is very tricky to solve.

Just as with the 5th Impossible cube you can use a rotation move to solve this cube but you can also do it with linear movements. The cube is very challenging when using the rotation move, but it’s even more difficult when you don’t use any rotations!

This cube takes 31 steps to disassemble (