This box takes 56 steps to open and you can see the mechanism of the sliders on the outside. It really forces you to think about the mechanism.


I designed this puzzle box over 2 years ago. When I made this box I tried to find a balance between a challenging puzzle while still being able to recognize what you have to do. When you simply start moving sliders, this puzzle can be quite challenging. However, if you stop and look at the box and think about what you want to do, this box suddenly is a lot more doable.

The laser cut file for cutting the wood for this puzzle box has a square around it. This will allow you to easily scale the laser cut file for any wood thickness. I used 5 mm wood for making the puzzle box, and it resulted in a box which was 100 x 100 x 100 mm. 
The square around the laser cut file is 450 by 275 mm for 5 mm wood. If you want to use another wood thickness, scale the laser cut file accordingly. 

Besides the laser cut wood you will need:

  • Glue
  • Sanding paper

The laser cut files have three layers:
A layer for the outer square to scale the file (450 x 275 mm)
A layer for cutting.
A layer for line engraving.