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  1. Hi Benno, Great website! I’ve bought the building plans for the Cross box. The instructions are really clear. I’ll send you a picture onece it’s finished. Greatings John

  2. Hi Benno,
    Congratulations on setting up your own website and especially sharing your ideas and plans with others.
    Keep the puzzles coming! I have nearly finished the cross box and will send some pictures of the completed box. I have ordered the plans this morning and it will be interesting to see if the box I am making is exactly the same as your latest plans.
    Regards from Sydney

    1. so sorry about the last comment, the auto-fill messed up,
      but I have been wanting to get a maze puzzle box and I wanted to know I I could work out a deal with you over one

  3. Hey, I was wondering if you know how to build a 7 step japanese puzzle box or if you have any plans of it i can possibly buy from you. thanks!

  4. Hey Benno,
    All your work is really nice and interesting, thanks for putting it out there! I just wanted to know what tools and wood you use? I’m thinking of starting myself and i don’t own anything and i was wondering what to buy.


    1. Hey Enzo,
      Most of the time I use plywood, triplex or multiplex. To give it a better (and more expensive) look I use stain. To cut the wood I use a hand fretsaw or a fretsaw machine. I use the cheapest wood glue I can find and some wood clamps to keep the parts together while drying. To finish the box I use sanding paper. Sometimes when I’m lazy I use a lazer cutter to cut the wood for me 😉

  5. Hi.Benno ,

    I’m curies of ” Beautiful wooden puzzle box ”

    And I like to make it as present for my wife .

    Do You sell the plan as DL file ?

    Because I’m living in Japan .

    Thank You

      1. Hi Benno ,and Thank You for your advice . But unfortunately ,the link was not active . Please check the address and tell me again . Thank You !

  6. Greetings Benno,
    I’m impressed with the simple yet charming, jail puzzle box from your YouTube account.
    Is it easy to make? Do you have a building plan for it? I’d like to use it for my school arts&craft project.

    Box in Question

  7. Hi Benno !
    Order #3261
    I recently purchased one of your boxes, but it has not arrived yet. Instead, I got an email with instructions on how to build the box, but I wanted to purchase the box already made. Please help.

  8. Hi Benno! I read you use a fret saw I’ve used a scroll saw and band saw in the past. Do you think a fret saw would be more advantageous? I’m also curious about laser cutting pieces since my cutting skills are limiting me from some designs I would like to implement. Do you own a laser cutter or purchase the service (where from)? Do you think that 3D printing pieces could work as well? Cheers!

    1. I’ve used my fretsaw a lot in the past indeed. However a scroll saw is better (depending on what you’re used to). With a scroll saw you always have a perfect 90 degree cut and with a fret saw that’s a lot harder. Nowadays I use a laser cutter for most of my boxes since it’s more precise and way faster. I don’t have one myself although I would love to buy one (than I could sell pre cut building kids on my website). Unfortunately a laser cutter is quite expensive and I’m a student who doesn’t have the money to buy one. I use the laser cutter at my university. Nowadays a lot of places have a fablap or something where you can use laser cutters.
      3D printing the boxes is also a possibility. I have a (plastic) 3D printer myself and I have printed some of my boxes. However It takes a lot of time and I like the wood look so I don’t prefer 3D printing.

  9. Hey, I love everything about the kind of fun you sell!
    I’d just like to mention that grey text on a grey background is hard for me to read 🙁
    Yes, it’s quite popular for some websites, but not so nice for the users.
    Finally, is there a chance you could offer a sneak peek of a page (or two) of the instruction guide? I know I’d be much more likely to buy one if I knew what the guide is like.

  10. Hi,
    I want to buy the building plans.
    But I am wondering whether someone who get my handmade puzzle box can open it without watching your video.
    Is there any tips to open the puzzle box ?

    1. Hi,
      It really depends on the box. I always let a few friends try my boxes. they manage to open almost all of my boxes (although some take quite some effort). However, they do have experience since they have tried many of my boxes. For a starter I would recommend the dice box. But even that one can be hard to open for someone without experience.

  11. Hi,Benno
    I’m intersted in this plan” Beautiful wooden puzzle box (hard to open)” on the youtube.
    Where could I find the plan for this?


  12. Hi,Gary
    Thanks for the response.

    I get a confusing thing, If we use laser to cut wood,there will be some loss on the edge of the wood.

    it makes pieces smaller,but holes bigger.

    how to you adjust the drawing to let it be correct?

    I thought to enlarge or reduce the dimensions to make them right,

    Not sure it works or not.

    1. Hi Gary, the laser I use is precise enough so I don’t have that problem myself. The best way is to hold the tickness of the cut in mind and make holes a little smaller than needed and with outer edges the opposite.

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